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Pyjama Jones
Pyjama Jones
by J. A. Jennings
"Pyjama Jones" is an exciting, action-packed adventure story for 9-11 year olds. One very wet night, in a landslide, Toby Jones slips into a secret city right under his bungalow. Survivors of ancient Egypt had made their home underground, and have kept their civilisation intact over the millennia by keeping total secrecy about their existence. Any intruders fall foul of a murderous array of traps. So when Toby falls into their world, the Egyptians don't exactly welcome him - but don't want him to get out alive either.Toby has to run for his life through myriad booby trapped chambers and tunnels. He finds his fate entangled with some Egyptians who are themselves trying to escape from the unprincipled new regime which wants them buried - literally. To his horror Toby is sealed in the tomb of the Egyptians' newly dead king. Breaking out of the tomb this boy in pyjamas is mistaken for the re-incarnated king and the Egyptian fugitives look to him to save them too. Can Toby rise to the occasion? Can he save these strange strangers? Why should he bother? Can he get out alive? Is there life at the end of the tunnel? This is a story full of suspense to the very end, and vivid with the detail and colour of ancient Egyptian life.
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