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Although our shop has now closed, we've kept these lovely photos on our webpage as a reminder of the good times we've had and the help we've been able to offer children and their families (and are still offering!)

Space books

Christmas is finally upon us

We're snowed under with Christmas books

IDEAL GIFT! White Rose wrapped Richard III books- only £8

Dr Seuss (4 book set)- £20 and Soccer Squad series by Bali Rai (4 book set)- £20

Little wintery window, brrrrr it's cold!

Our recent book stall at Launde Primary School

Halloween window display- Haunnttedddd Housssseeee!!!

Eeeeek! Watch out! a witch dives low on her broomstick

Some Halloween books for sale

Chestnut is always ready to give children a ride

Our staff are here to help you find the right book for your child

Who are your favourite children's book characters!

The Children's Book of Richard the III successful launch at The Reading Shop

Front Cover of the Children's Book of Richard the III published at The Reading Shop

Book display of The Children's Book of Richard the III

Window display of The Children's Book of Richard the III

Face painting at the Reading Shop

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