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The Reading Shop closed its doors for the last time on Friday 12 July 2019



After 18 years teaching local children, we have now closed our classes for good. When we started, many children didn't get the help they needed in school. Local schools now do an excellent job teaching reading, so we have decided to close. Thanks to our excellent teachers and administrators...and to all parents who have supported their children.

So many of the children who started with us in 2001 have gone on to make a success of their life which gives us enormous satisfaction and pride that we were able to help them overcome difficulties, learn to read and make the most of their education.

In due course, we will also be advertising a range of reading and maths materials, for parents to buy, particularly suitable if they are home-educating their children. Text Lynn on 07973 952879 and she will be happy to give more information. 

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