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This is a list of our classic children's favourites which we always have in stock in our shop. Click on the coloured links to the left to browse and see our special offers. Or enter title, author, ISBN or topic in the keyword box to find a book you need. If you don't see the book you are looking for, please telephone us on 07973 952879 to order by debit or credit card; or with a National Book Token.

We take orders for any book; adults, children's, old and/or out of print - please click on the ''Books for Adults'' tab for further information.

Not sure which level you require?

Our consultant psychologist has designed a simple guide* to help you choose books from the right colour level for your child. To begin, answer this question:

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Please note that this is not intended to be used as a substitute for a full reading assessment. If you want in-depth information about your child’s reading skills and live in Leicestershire, you can commission an assessment session at The Reading Shop in Oadby, Leicester. Otherwise, the British Psychological Society maintains a national register of educational psychologists who are qualified to carry out suitable assessments.